Why Is It That Everyone Else’s Problems Seem So Easily Fixed?

24 November 2011, Comments Comments Off on Why Is It That Everyone Else’s Problems Seem So Easily Fixed?

Did you ever notice that someone else’s problems seem so fixable, but when it comes to your own, you become paralyzed with indecision? The only way to achieve true success in your life is by being able to solve your own problems as if they were someone else’s.

The reason why the problem carried by someone else seems so solvable is because you do not have the emotional attachment that comes with your own. When you are an outsider into the problem of another individual, there is no personal consequence which invokes the fear of inaction.

Any problem is solvable if you are willing to take a chance of action. Most of us, when faced with our own dilemma, fail to act for fear of the personal stake and consequence that we have to put forward. When we don’t take that into consideration when looking at an external problem, the solution is very easy to come to.

The key to personal success is being able to get through every situation presented making the best possible situation for the best outcome. The only way to do that is to take any emotional ties that you have out of the equation. Once you have been able to objectively examine the situation, the hardest part is to decide on an action to take.

If you are able to look at it void of fear you will be able to make the best possible decision with the best outcome. The key to success is being able to make the decisions that will benefit you the most, even if they are “risky” or will come at some personal cost to you. If you are able to see the situation as the sum of the best possible outcome instead of the road to get there, the answer will come easily.

When you listen to a friend or an acquaintance who has a problem that they need to solve, many times the answer is so easy, you wonder why they didn’t see it as clearly as you did. The reason why they couldn’t see the answer with the clarity that you did was because they had both emotion, personal cost and fear intertwined with their decision.

If you are able to see a situation void of those three things, the answer to any problem will be clear to you and you will live a long, way less encumbered life.

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