18 February 2011, Comments Comments Off on What You See Is What You Believe

Yes yes, we all know that we are supposed to visualize our dreams.  Most of us skip over that and think – sure.  But let us take a little further look at this as a concept.

Are any of you out there motorcycle riders?  Or perhaps you have ridden a bicycle.  You will know then – that if there is a rock in the middle of the road where you are cornering – your mind will be saying – don’t hit the rock, don’t hit the rock!!!  Invariably – what do we do – we hit the rock.  And why?  It is about our focus.  We know logically we shouldn’t hit it as it will cause us harm – and let’s face it – there is heaps of space around it to be able to avoid it.  But it is the only focus our mind sees – so as we see – we head towards.  Boom – rock versus bike……

So – let us look at this in terms of our personal beliefs.  Most of us have either consciously or unconsciously used our personal beliefs against us at one stage or other.  I have a friend who is quite bright and could achieve great things – but she has many beliefs that keep her limited.  She has grown up always budgeting.  At the beginning of every year you know she will have the next 12 months salary calculated to the cent and what will go where.  Regardless of what she does – she just scrapes through as she has for all her life.

I’ve spoken to her many times about her beliefs of money.  These beliefs include:

  • Money is scarce so you have to scrimp with everything.
  • I am a single woman so I will only ever be able to just make ends meet (you can imagine that my internal reaction always feels like fingernails on a blackboard at this one)
  • I don’t have a university degree so won’t ever have a good career.

And for her the list continues.  Even more astonishing is that she has had many career opportunities and probably could have been a senior executive in many organizations – but she can’t see it and continues to struggle on.

More astonishing though is this one little belief that she has.  When she is struggling to make ends meet or needs a few hundred dollars for an unexpected project – she actually goes to the local pub with her $20 and puts it through the slot machines.  Now – I am no gambler and in all honesty – neither is she.  However, she just knows that this will yield her the money for her project.  Sometimes she has walked out of there with $2000.  Now again – I don’t advocate gambling to get out of your financial woes.  But what I do advocate is a change in how you think.  And let me point out – my friend also only does this as a last resort…… which for her would be once or so a year.

Can you just imagine though if she put the same focus into more positive ways of thinking of money.  Things like ‘I am a successful business woman’, ‘Money finds me all the time’, ‘I am a financially independent and successful woman and control my own financial destiny!’.  How much more internal power would she harness and be able to expand her life with?  Quite a lot I believe.

Something that I most passionately believe in and work on all the time is the point that any problems in your own life can be solved by you.  You are always your own solution.  I know this is hard to realize when you are in the middle of a conflict that you just are getting so wrapped up in that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

We all have accepted the limitations of ourselves that are holding us back.  We all have that continuous personal talk that we listen too and never challenge – after all – when was the last time you really looked at the way you thought and played devils advocate?  I know that it is very rate.  Only when there is some pain involved do we start looking and examining the things that are happening to us.

So – if you change your personal talk – your beliefs over time thanks to your subconscious will change.  Which brings us back to visualizing.  We always say lets look write our goals down and put them somewhere that they will be seen.  Once you see and say these things overtime to yourself – so too will your beliefs and internal subconscious start to re-imprint your thoughts.  You will start to find yourself surrounded by strong evidence that your new beliefs are being supported.

To end this blog for the day – challenge yourself to become a greater person.  Even if it is just one new thought – choose it – stick with it.  Write it down, look at it each day – recite it to yourself – overtime this will become a dominant force.  Your belief and desire for these new thoughts will provide you with new ways forward.  So get to it and do some housecleaning of your mind today.  And – for those of you that might want a little help – here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • My life is full, rich and rewarding.
  • There are so many opportunities for prosperity in my life.
  • I am such a creative and dynamic person.

Obviously the list goes on.  However, I will write some more blogs about goal setting and visualizing in the near future.

Here is to a successful day for you.



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