Success Is Not A Global Definition, But One You Must Define For Yourself

16 November 2011, Comments Comments Off on Success Is Not A Global Definition, But One You Must Define For Yourself

Travel around the country and you will see the discrepancy of what people consider success. Success although having some universal themes, is different for every culture and ultimately for every human being. Success for you may have nothing to do with what you live in or what you own. It may be a personal definition defined as true happiness in not having what you want, but being happy with what you have.

When you stop to take a look at what you have and what you have accomplished over the span of your life, what is it that you are most proud of? There is no right or wrong answer. If you are proud of the car that sits in your driveway or the child you are sending off to college this fall, it is a personal pride.

It is what you have worked hardest for. Success is not always in the things that you acquire. Sometimes success is not an object or defined by material things. Being truly happy in life, finding the security and bliss in your life, therefore, is not about continuing to acquire things, but knowing the things that will make you happy.

Many people who have acquired many material goods continue to be unhappy. They have the “things” that they thought would make them happy. In fact, they have what everyone thinks that they want, all the things that most of us think would make them happy.

It is the realization that even after acquiring all the things they have, they are still not happy. They have acquired things that they thought would add meaning to their lives only to find that they mean nothing, and have done nothing but made them feel more empty inside.

Finding exactly what it is that we need to make us feel successful is the key to real success in life. Sometimes it is something that we already have, but either don’t appreciate it, or fail to see it. Being successful is about being able to recognize what our souls truly are crying out for, not what society tells us we need to be happy.

Taking the time to listen to your inner self, to think about what we have that brightens our day, only then will we be able to find true and meaning full success and happiness in our lives.

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