25 June 2011, Comments Comments Off on Random Acts Of Kindness

Now I know that you will probably think I have gone a little bit mad with what I am going to talk about today but if you bear with me and keep an open mind I am sure you will find it interesting.

I can remember being with my dad when I was younger when we were queuing up in the supermarket. There was an old lady behind us who was buying some dog food and she was carefully counting the money from her purse to pay for it. She didn’t look like she had much money and when my dad came to pay for our groceries he gave the shop assistant another 10 dollars and said he would pay for the old lady’s dog food.

We didn’t wait around to see what her reaction would be, we just paid the money and left and I can remember asking my dad why he had done that, after all, we were not exactly wealthy and we didn’t know the lady. My dad just smiled and said that it was just something that he liked to do every now and again because it made him feel good. He didn’t want any thanks or anything like that, he just liked to do it.

As I got older I started to do exactly the same thing, it doesn’t always have to involve money, it could be offering your place in a queue to someone else, it could be telling someone how special they are, there really are so many ways that you can show random acts of kindness and I can guarantee that the way you will feel afterwards is absolutely priceless.

Even a smile when you are passing someone in the street can make such a big difference to someone else, helping an older person to cross the road or giving a mum a hand with lifting her  buggy down some steps, you will come across many opportunities to offer random acts of kindness as you go about your day and once you start I will put money on the fact that you just won’t be able to stop.

The great thing about this is though, when you are kind to someone, they in turn will more than likely also show kindness to someone else and so it continues, what a wonderful thought that your random act of kindness could go on to affect so many other people throughout the day.

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