Personal Success Does Not Have To Come At The Expense Of Others, But Rather In Addition To

23 October 2011, Comments Comments Off on Personal Success Does Not Have To Come At The Expense Of Others, But Rather In Addition To

When you think about success, most of the time a vision of wealth or material abundance comes to mind. Personal success, however, is different than overall success. Personal success is not something that can be outwardly measured, or acquired. It is defined only by the individual who is experiencing it, and only for the individual who is striving for it.

Personal success is about having all that you want emotionally. It is about being happy and content not only with what you have, but most importantly who you are and what you have achieved. You cannot look around a home and see personal success, it is a state of mind. In turn, no one can take it from an individual.

Although it is ever changing for an individual, it cannot be taken away or judged by others, it is an internal feeling of satisfaction and contentment. It comes only through setting a goal and being able to meet it. The very best part of personal success is that it does not come at a cost to others. It is something that is achieved on an individual level and there is an abundance of it. I do not need to take from another individual in order to build up my own personal success.

Unlike most of the materialist things in this world that we define success by, personal success is not acquired through doing better or worse than someone else. You do not achieve it by beating out the person next door, or having more than anyone else. It is not measured on a less or more scale.

In fact, in most cases, it is achieved in concordance with those around you. Someone who has found it, finds comfort in being with others who have achieved it as well. It’s almost like knowing a secret that only a few know. You want to share it with everyone around you.

Not everyone understands the notion of personal success, true contentment with one’s self. Some cannot distinguish it from other types of success or have melded the two. For those who are looking for just success, the road appears to be empty and the goal never really achieved. Those looking to obtain success do not realize that when it is something outside of the individual, it can never really be reached. Only when it is contained within the individual and becomes a personal goal is it obtainable.

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