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Here is another little idea that I always use in times of stress or if things just aren’t going my way and that is I always remember that in 100 years time, whatever it is that is bothering me just won’t matter and as it is a relatively short period of time, it just goes to emphasise how precious life really is.

In 100 years time, there will be a completely new set of people on the earth, new people with new dreams and goals and whatever it is that is bothering me just won’t matter, the truth is, it probably won’t matter tomorrow never mind in one hundred years but that is besides the point.

Now some people find this whole 100 years thing a little on the gloomy side, after all, I am talking about when we are all dead and buried, but if you look at it just a little deeper it really does show you how you have got to reach out and grasp your life with both of your hands, make the very most of it.

Just in case you are unaware, time is the most valuable commodity that anyone has, once the moment has gone you will never get it back again, no matter how rich you are. In my humble opinion there is nothing sadder than seeing someone who has not only not achieved their dreams, but also  not even tried to achieve them. Always thinking that trying to achieve their goals was something that could always be put off until tomorrow.

Time flies by for everyone, if you are in your thirties or forties at the moment you can probably remember only to well the day you left school. Look at how quickly that time has passed. Do you want to look back in another 20 or 30 years and not have made any progress from the position that you are in today?

If you want to do something, do it now, dare to live a little and take some chances in your life. You won’t know if you fail or not until you give it a try and in 100 years from now it will only be your legacy that lives on, do you want it to be something that people talk about with pride or something that no one will ever remember, the choice really is yours.

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