Getting Personal Success to Spend a Worth Living Life

18 December 2011, Comments Comments Off on Getting Personal Success to Spend a Worth Living Life

Life is too short to waste in sorrows and regrets. In fact, every moment that we fail to make use of can be termed as waste opportunity. Its only when a person gets old that he realizes how much opportunity lay before him and how much he could have done during his youth. The vital part is to let go of the fears and try to enjoy each passing moment without the fear of losing in the race of life.

Years fly by and you cannot do anything about it. The only thing that you can do is to make the life worth living. Try to accomplish difficult tasks and put an effort into making people around you happy because they are the ones that will make your journey through all the years a lot easier. People who waste their time in jealousy and pulling legs of others soon find out that life becomes boring and full of regrets.

You should divide your life into segments and then try to enjoy each segment to its fullest. In life, we all are actors like Shakespeare said ‘life is a stage’ and we can perform our roles effectively only if we learn to work in collaboration with other actors. All stages of life provide something new. Childhood and youth both have something unique to offer provided you are there to grasp it with both hands.

In life, there are no second chances. Once something slips out of your hand you will not get a second chance to prove your metal. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you learn to let go of the fears and phobia because you will only be able to hold on to the opportunities if you have no fear. A fearless person is one who is the winner in the race of life.

We gain experience only when we try to accomplish the tasks regardless of the fear of losing or winning. A person who puts his heart and soul into his work and is unable to accomplish the feat is not a loser. In fact, he is the winner because he did not shrink away from the task in which he only had 50 % chance of winning.

"spend a worth living life"

Life is not only about gathering wealth. Life is too short for this kind of stuff. Life demands that we make establishing relationships, and living an ethical life be our first priority.

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