4 August 2011, Comments Comments Off on Do You Talk The Talk?

When you are walking along the street and someone asks you how you are, what do you say? ‘Not bad thanks’, ‘could be better,’ those are the usual replies but if that is you, you really are doing yourself no good at all.

Fantastic thanks, how are you?, should be the answer you always give because if you act in the way you would if things were going well, then as sure as night follows day, you would start to feel good about yourself, if you weren’t already.

The same thing goes for when you are talking to yourself, tell yourself that you are feeling good, that everything is going your way and your goals are in touching distance, acting in this way and talking in a positive way really will make all of the difference.

Think of any successful person that you know and think of how many times you have heard them moaning about one thing or another. You will find that most of the time they will be acting in a positive way and as for them ever taking any time off due to illness, you will find that will hardly ever happen.

Now think of someone that you know who is always moaning. I would bet my last dollar that they are not enjoying much success in their lives, either personally or in business. It is so obvious what a massive difference it makes when you talk positively yet so many people talk in a negative way.

Try it for yourself, next time you are feeling a little bit under the weather, tell yourself that it must be the beginning of the flu and you will have to spend some time in bed. Sure enough, within a couple of hours you will feel terrible and be good for absolutely nothing. On the other hand, if you tell yourself that you will soon be feeling absolutely fabulous you will be able to carry on about your day as normal.

It is also important that you remember this if you have children. If you stay positive and act in a positive manner in front of your children you will find that they will copy you, just as they will copy you if you go about your life always complaining.

You will find that it does not take much effort to conduct yourself in a  positive way and you will find that you really are talking the talk in the very best possible way.

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