12 August 2011, Comments Comments Off on Cut Yourself Some Slack

If you have taken the time to write down your goals, congratulations because you are definitely in the minority but when I say that you should cut yourself some slack I mean that you should take some time out on a regular basis to enjoy yourself.

I have always found that rewards along the way really do make striving for your goals far more enjoyable and not only that, you are always far more likely to achieve those goals if you enjoy yourself along the way.

Let’s say that you are working hard to achieve your business goals. You may have worked out that in order to get 10 sales on a monthly basis you need to approach 100 prospective clients which means that you have a pretty full diary, what with travelling and preparing for everything there is not a lot of time for anything else.

If that was me I would say that if I hit my goal of approaching 100 clients I would treat myself and my family to something really special, it doesn’t have to be something that is expensive, just something that we would all enjoy and look forward.

It is far better to have little treats along the way as opposed to waiting for say 12 months when you hope to have made a certain amount of money. When obstacles arrive, which they will, it is very easy if you are not focussed enough to lose your motivation, these little treats serve the purpose of keeping you interested  and focussed.

I see time and time again that people are so hard on themselves if they are not on target with their achievements, they beat themselves up and this really can do more harm than good. Always remember that if you keep on reviewing and following your goals you will get there in the end and any little set backs on the way there are only to be expected.

Whilst I am on the subject, it is always wise to break down your goals into achievable chunks, just like the appointments I have already mentioned, you could break that particular goal down even further by making s certain number of appointments per day or per hour. It really is all down to you but don’t underestimate the massive steps you have already taken, simply by writing down all of your goals.

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