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The more passionate you are about what you do, the more energy you are dedicating to the manifestation of your most desired dreams!

Without passion, you will never achieve anything. That is because all works of creation are generated by love – your love for yourself and for what you are creating! The love with which you imbue your work (and your life in general) will touch the hearts of people who come in contact with you.

Allow yourself to dream again. If I was your fairy godmother and I could sprinkle fairy dust on you and grant you one wish, what would it be, do you know? It’s time to stop talking about not having a dream and start figuring out what it is and how to achieve it! You can’t get anything if you don’t know what you wish for! Be your own fairy godmother.

Be specific. If you want a new house, what does it look like in detail? How many rooms are there? What color is it and what’s the style of furniture? Who is going to live there with you? Will you be there all the time or only in the summer? How many decks does the house have and how big is your garden?

Is there a fountain at the front entrance, or maybe a little pond in the backyard? Does it have a swimming pool? All these choices are yours, so be specific. Focus on visualizing this dream, make it a reality in your mind, and give it absolutely everything you’ve got!
Give yourself a timeline. When can you make your big dream happen? In two, three years? In five years? Are you saying something like “I’d really like to go back to studies but I have three young children”? Change the “but” to an “and”: “I’d really like to go back to studies and I have three young children!”

Doesn’t that make it feel more like a possibility? Great, right? Just put a timeline on achieving your dream, because without one, it probably won’t happen at all. When you timeline your goal, you begin taking some serious action in your life to move toward that goal, and you begin saying “no” to whatever is distracting or stopping you.

Make a plan of action. Excuses won’t do anything to move you toward your goal! Only taking serious action will work. If you want to go back to studying, sign up for one course to start with. If the university is fifty miles away, get in your vehicle and start driving!
The sooner you take positive steps in the right direction, the more real it becomes. If you want that home on a beach somewhere so much – go to a real estate agent and discuss it. The strength of your commitment and your belief in yourself will create the end result, and it depends on your only if you will achieve your dreams!

If you need financing to begin, start looking now. Go to your local bank and discuss the possibilities to see which one fits you the best. Or talk to people who have already done this. If they did it, so can you!

Take action. Do it now! Take the first step, and remember to surround yourself with positive and helpful people who help you fly, lift you up, and then stand up for you and watch you soar. Don’t be afraid to be successful and achieve your most desired dreams!
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. –  Friedrich Nietzsche.

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